July 8, 2020 – Claims Administrator Requests for Additional Information

There is an update from the Claims Administrator with next steps for those who recently received a letter requesting additional information. If you receive such a letter:

  1. Review the list of information needed to complete your submission in the Missing Information Form attached to your letter.
  2. Contact Class Counsel at 1-844-539-3815 if you have questions about the documentary requirements.
  3. Complete the “Missing Information” Form, sign and send it to the Claims Administrator.

Time estimates:

Please note, the Claims Administrator has posted the following update here concerning anticipated time estimates.

  • Receipt of Claim: Please confirm with the Claims Administrator’s Call Centre, at 1.888.221.2898, that your Claim Form was received. The Claims Administrator is asking Claimants to wait 6 weeks from the time a Claim Form is sent to them before calling to confirm it has been received and registered into their system.
  • Level 1 Claims: The Claims Administrator is reporting that it can take up to 6 months to review and approve a complete and eligible Level 1 Claim Form.  Eligible Claimants will receive a payment letter to confirm a claim has been approved.
  • Level 2-5 Claims: After registering a Claim Form, the Claims Administrator sends it to the Government of Canada for review of eligibility. Canada has 60 days to review Levels 2-3, and 90 days to review Levels 4-5, starting from when the claim is received from the Claims Administrator. You will be notified by the Claims Administrator, in writing, when a claim has been sent to Canada for review. Once Canada’s review is complete, the Claims Administrator begins the process of substantively reviewing the claim. There is no set time period to do so. The Claims Administrator is reporting that, since each individual experience is being considered, some Level 2-5 claims may take up to 12 months for the entire review and approval process to be completed. Please note that Class Counsel does not have direct access to the Claim Form status details.

To avoid unnecessary administrative delay, for example due to incomplete Claim Forms, Claimants are strongly encouraged to carefully complete and take time to review their Claim Form before submitting it. If you would like one-on-one support filling out your Claim Form, please call Class Counsel at 1-844-539-3815 or email dayschools@gowlingwlg.com.