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How to fill out your Claim Form

As a Survivor of one of the many Indian Day Schools and Federal Day Schools across Canada, you have waited a long time for justice. It is the hope that this Settlement will represent a step in your healing. As Class Counsel, we want to support you in taking that step by walking you through how to complete your Claim Form. This is the Form you must use to apply for compensation from the Settlement. The Claims Process is now open and the Claim Form can be submitted anytime up until July 13, 2022.

This video is also available in:

Video: Claim Form – Ojibway

Video: Claim Form – James Bay Cree

Video: Claim Form – Main Inuktitut

Video: Claim Form – Main Mikmaq

Video: Claim Form – Mane Dene

Claim Form Short Video Series

Who can witness a Claim Form?

What are the required documents for identification and proof of school attendance?

What supporting records should be included with your claim form?

Who can be a Guarantor and what do they do?

How do you file a Claim Form on behalf of a deceased Claimant?

Which Federal Day Schools are Included in this Settlement?

What should Claimants include in their narrative?

Eligible Guarantors Poster

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Prior Settlement
(Part 3)

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Witness Signature
(Part 3)

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Selecting Your Claim Level
(Part 4 and 5)

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Other Narratives and Records
(Part 5D)

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(Part 6)

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Writing your
(Part 5A)

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Applying as an Estate Representative

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Helpful Information: Roles and Responsibilities

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What Can I Do if the Claims Administrator Assessed My Claim at a Lower Level?

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Financial Planning Resources

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