Who Can Submit?

To be eligible for compensation in this Settlement, individuals must have attended one of the identified Federal Indian Day Schools or Federal Day Schools during specific eligible class periods listed on the List of Federal Day Schools (Schedule K) and experienced harm.

Schedule K

Former Indian Day School students who were unable to file a Claim for the Federal Indian Day School Class Action Settlement by July 13, 2022 can submit an Extension Request Form. Extension Request Forms must be submitted either before or together with a Claim Form. 

Additional eligibility clarifications can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website and the Claims Administrator FAQ.

Some Day Schools were run by entities other than the Federal government, for example by provincial governments. This Settlement only applies to those who attended Federally run and operated schools.

If you are not sure whether you are included in the Settlement, you may contact Class Counsel’s toll-free phone at 1 (844) 539-3815.

Family members of Indian Day School Survivors

While family members are not eligible to receive direct compensation, the representative of the estate (executor, administrator, or trustee) of a late Claimant who died on or after July 31, 2007 can file a claim on behalf of the deceased. Estate representatives can make a claim for any level on behalf of the deceased Claimant (Levels 1 to 5).

If the deceased Claimant had no will (naming an executor), then a representative will need to be appointed. This process will depend on whether the deceased Claimant ordinarily resided on reserve or off reserve. For more information see Estate Claims.

See Legacy Fund on the FAQ page.

List of Federal Indian Day Schools or Federal Day Schools

Check the List of Federal Indian Day Schools or Federal Day Schools (Schedule K) to see if you are eligible to apply for compensation.

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