September 23, 2022: Claims by Estate Representatives

If you submit a claim on behalf of a deceased class member who attended an eligible Federal Indian Day School and died on or after July 31, 2007, then you must include certain documents showing that you have legal authority to act on behalf of the deceased’s estate. The exact documents you will need to include will depend on a variety of factors, such as (i) if there was a valid will; (ii) whether the deceased normally resided on or off-reserve; (iii) if the reserve is subject to a modern treaty; and (vi) any applicable provincial/territorial laws. For a generic overview of the process of making a claim as an estate representative, please consult the Estate Infographic. For more information on what documents would have to be included with your claim depending on your situation, please read the FAQs on Estate Claims.

If you would like more information on filing a claim on behalf of a deceased class member, please contact Class Counsel at 1-844-539-3815 or

The Claims Administrator will NOT accept an Extension Request Form or Claim Form after January 13, 2023. If you are waiting to receive the required estate representative documents, Class Counsel strongly recommends that you submit the required forms (with a completed narrative) to the Claims Administrator as soon as possible. You can submit the required estate representative documents to the Claims Administrator as “missing information” when you receive them. Do not miss the deadline of January 13, 2023 because you are waiting for estate representative documents.