November 15, 2022: Missing Information Must Be Submitted to the Claims Administrator

Incomplete information in your Claim Form will lead to delays or even a possible ineligibility decision. You must submit any missing or clarifying information to the Claims Administrator as soon as possible.

Below is a list of common issues that lead to delays (or ineligibility) in the Claim Form review process:

  • Estate claim is missing documents demonstrating that representative has legal authority to file claim on behalf of the deceased;
  • Copy of ID is missing, unreadable, or the name on the ID does not match the name on the Claim Form;
  • Address is incomplete (include P.O. Box, if applicable);
  • School name and/or years of attendance is not on Schedule K. The Claims Administrator is seeking confirmation/additional information before it issues an ineligibility decision;
  • Missing signatures and/or dates;
    • Sign and date page 5 (Claimant and Witness) and, if applicable, page 12 (Claimant and Guarantor).
    • Claimant and Witness signature dates must be the same. Same applies for page 12, Claimant and Guarantor dates of signature must be the same.
    • Guarantor’s title must be on the approved list; click here for full list of eligible guarantors.
  • Level of harm was not selected.

Contact the Claims Administrator at 1-888-221-2898 to see if your Claim Form is missing information.